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Comprehensive Screening for Psychiatric disorders


Upon Request


Per Session

About the Service

Comprehensive screening for psychiatric disorders promotes detection of a psychiatric disorder before its manifestation. This usually results in a better mental health outcome and decreased likelihood of severity, suffering, or death.

We do comprehensive screening for the following: -

  1. Attention/ social learning disorders.

  2. Depressive disorders.

  3. Personality Disorders including borderline personality disorder.

  4. Substance abuse disorder

  5. Anxiety disorders

  6. Somatization/Eating disorders

  7. Cognitive disorders (dementia/delirium)

  8. Psychotic disorders (Schizophrenia, delusional disorder and psychosis).

  9. Suicide ideation

Your Provider

Dr. Otega Ojukwu

Dr. Otega Ojukwu

Dr. Otega Ojukwu is a National Board Certified (BC) doctoral prepared advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

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