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Medication Management


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Per Session

About the Service

Medication management is a type of outpatient treatment that entails a certified physician/prescriber evaluating the patient's need for psychotropic medications, writing a prescription, and providing continuing medical monitoring linked to the patient's usage of the psychiatric medication.

Medication management entails keeping track of medications, reconciling them, and ensuring that patients get the results they want. To design treatment regimens and evaluate their safety and efficacy, it takes a detailed examination of prescribed drugs and their possible adverse effects.

The duration of this visit is 10 -15 minutes to ensure that the medication ordered is optimal/effective and to monitor your body’s response to medication ordered and/or dosage changes.

Your Provider

Dr. Otega Ojukwu

Dr. Otega Ojukwu

Dr. Otega Ojukwu is a National Board Certified (BC) doctoral prepared advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

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